March 9, 2018

Be careful of the price scams and missleading decoys from bad acting Kitchen cabinet companies in Sarasota 

Commonly, kitchen cabinet retailers in Sarasota will send out a "Salesman" to your home. Usually they self call themselves "Designers".  Not an experienced kitchen contractor or real certified Designer that can properly make any true determinations of the entire scope or design. The salesman is usually only interested in showing and selling a thin poorly made Chinese kitchen cabinet that they have on this once in a lifetime 50% or 85% off sale but the sale ends soon! Maybe even at midnight.  But wait! if you're the unlucky  victim of this scam the Chinese cabinet may even get cheaper, maybe even another 10% off, or free installation, or a free sink, free soft close drawers, free crown molding, or even free countertops. "Why not offer it all for free"! Is it worth anymore than that? The unsuspecting homeowner has actually been misrepresented that this is actually custom cabinets and unfortunately they have been ripped off many thousands of dollars. OK, without insulting anyones intelligence, we all know how the story ends. The truth is; Why not just call it and advertise it what it is "Chinese Cabinets"! and price it accordingly in the first place  "very cheap"! without the whole dog and pony show? Unfortunately, many homeowners in Sarasota have been victims of this horrible scam and find themselves totally ripped off.  A kitchen remodel using Chinese cabinets, Chinese granite, and Chinese plumbing fixtures with all installation retails for NO MORE than $5,000. These rip-off companies are charging anywhere from $15,000 to $55,000 for a $5,000 kitchen. Don't get ripped-off! Only do business with reputable proven licensed companies that will provide you with quality real products at a fair price. 

Honesty is the core of our business and we would be ashamed and embarrassed to try to run such a deceiving unfair business practice.  When you contact us, Jim Anderson will come to your home and provide his 30 years experience in the kitchen remodeling business, along with quality "real" custom cabinetry and designs that fit your exact needs, all at a fair price.  Sounds to simple to be true. Imagine quality products and real professional service that you expect and deserve. ​ From professional kitchen designs, to material selections, to expert master craftsmanship, James Anderson LLC kitchen remodeling is your best choice in the Sarasota and venice Florida areas. In fact we guarantee it! Call or email today to schedule your free consultation.

It has become apparent that most Kitchen cabinet companies in Sarasota Florida areas are unlicensed and can only legally provide sales or simple installations of cabinetry and nothing more. In addition, they are not allowed to subcontract or perform any alterations or construction work in your home. According to Florida state laws in the Building statutes 455 you are required to hire a state licensed certified contractor to perform any alterations during a kitchen remodel. Citations and fines in violating this code can be severe to both the homeowner and the bad actor. It could be a felony to the bad acting kitchen cabinet company or individual and in addition, should this unlicensed company or individual disapear with your money and material or provide unsatisfactory workmanship you cannot use the court system to recover your loses, as it was an illegal activity that you signed and agreed to. Protect yourself and your property. Do your due diligence first. Hire only licensed contractors in Florida. If their personal name and information is not listed on the DBPR website, they are not a licensed contractor. See our Building/Remodeling webpage for all our license information as well as State owned websites for verification.